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Police Officer Caught On Camera Praying With Citizen 

With all the division going around our country over the recent shooting this was one of the most uniting images that most media outlets didn't show.  Police Officer Caught On Camera Praying With Citizen. In the picture you see Christian Rapper Burke and a police officer join hands in prayer. 

I asked Burke what he prayed about and this was his responce...

Thought no one would ever ask lol.... I started to pray for his protection and give him wisdoms as he approaches every stop also soften his heart and let him be a light in the force that the Lord can use, then the Holy Spirit told me to pray for his strength and to tell him continue to stay strong. It made sense later. One of his fellow officers that I've done business with before called me once he seen the video and told me I didn't know how much that meant to him. A lil 5 yr old girl shot herself 3 weeks ago and died in that officer arms and he had been taking it bad. He told him how that prayer lifted his spirit. I'm honored to be the vessel he used to not only lift him up but millions who seen the video. #PrayerChangesThings #NoPrayerNoPower

I can't wait for the day that this is what is all over the media. Unity in the name of Jesus.

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