Kirk Cameron, former star of “Growing Pains, ” is calling for families across America to come together to worship in “Revive Us.” “Revive Us” is a national family meeting that will air live in 700 movie theaters.

Cameron told FOX411 he has high hopes for the event next week.

“I want to say to people loud and clear: There has never been a more exciting time in America to be a Christian, to be a person of deep faith in God,” he said. “This could be our finest hour because when all hope seems lost, that is when God parts the waters. I think this could be a Red Sea moment for you, for me, for us, in our America story right now.”

The 46-year-old said faith is a priority for his six children and his wife of 25 years- Chelsea Noble.

“Faith is extremely important to me. It is what saves me on a daily basis from making the kinds of decisions that would be harmful to me, my family, to others because it reminds me I need wisdom."

Cameron said many people in Hollywood aren’t in touch with faith.

“The truth is that all of us were designed to worship something, and you may worship a tree, you may worship God or you may worship yourself. And Hollywood has a lot of the ‘me-God’ problem and I used to have no faith at all,” he said. “Someone shared the Gospel with me. They shared their faith with me, and I embraced it. I embraced it with all of my heart. And that’s what I am hoping to do at ‘Revive Us.’”

Cameron said the family-friendly event witll feature Dr. Ben Carson, Francis Chan Dr. James MacDonald, Eric Metaxas and Jennifer Rothschild.

“Together we are going to talk about how to revive our hearts, how to revive our homes, our churches and the nation,” he said. “So if we have political concerns, if we have family concerns, if we have national concerns, the best place to talk about them is in the family. When the family gets together and the spirit of God is moving, we are unstoppable as a force of good. And asking for heavens help and wisdom up above is what we need to be doing now more than ever so ‘Revive Us’ is for the whole family.”

“Revive Us” will be in theaters across America on October 18th.  

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Kirk Cameron: It is an 'exciting time to be a Christian in America'