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"Matt Bold aka Gods M80"

'Still Blessed' is the title track from my upcoming album. I wrote Still Blessed while transitioning through a very dark period in my life. The Lord placed the lyrics in my heart the morning after I nearly lost my life while giving birth to our baby boy, Micah....approximately 3 weeks after the passing of my mother-in-law. While birthing Micah, I began hemorrhaging uncontrollably & I could literally feel the life leaving my body. Though I do not care to admit it, going into emergency surgery, there was uncertainty of whether I would live or die. God rescued me from the hands of death & He chose to let me live. The surgery was successful & the blood transfusions followed immediately afterwards due to the extensive amount of blood that was lost. While receiving blood, I recall thinking of all that had occured. My body was so weak & I was tempted to be discouraged & have a pity party, but God reminded me of ALL that he had done. And the greatest blessing we received in exchange for the pain, was Micah. He reminded me that we were STILL BLESSED, in many ways, but these stood out the most.

1) We were blessed with a healthy & happy baby boy.

2) We were blessed b/c He spared my life so that I could care for & nurture this new baby boy, along with our other 2 little ones, while continuing to be my Husband's helpmate.                                  
3) We were blessed b/c although my mother-in-law was no longer with us & unable to meet her youngest grandchild, she had a personal relationship w/ The Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, she's in a much better place. We are reminded of that often & that alone gives us peace & reassurance that we will see her again. 

4) We were blessed, b/c He gave me a platform to sing & testify of His goodness & all that He has done.

I shared the lyrics with my husband, Marcus & several weeks later, he joined me in the studio. He wrote his verse while I was recording & when it was time for him to record, the tears streamed down my face. He poured his heart out in his verse. So here we are, sharing with others what God has done. We are blessed, through it ALL. Still Blessed. GOD BE GLORIFIED!

Ameera York & Mr. York Are Still Blessed